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The stunning automatic and efficient automatic coffee powder packaging machine now allows you to pack your items with greater precision and efficacy. These long-lasting, high-performance automated coffee powder packing machines are a must-have for any industrial packaging solution, and they can significantly reduce the work amount. These devices are fully automated and can save a significant amount of energy when performing superior sealing and filling functions.

The effective automatic coffee powder packing machine is one of the most dependable products in the market, and it has consistently aided various industries. This superlative packing machine can pack and seal a wide range of products, including tablets, chips, gloves, sachets, and other items, in a short period of time. These sophisticated automatic coffee powder packing machines are made of various metals and can pack a variety of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, and paper.

Supper power pack provides a coffee sachet packing machine that can bag 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, or 100gm of coffee powder. This machine is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology. With this machine, you will receive a single sachet. If the photocell sensor fails, the machine will shut down or any other problem in the machine will occur. The computer will stop and a message will appear on the screen stating that you are having this problem. You will now see the input and output signals on the monitor, allowing you to determine which of your signals is working or not. This will save you a lot of time and provide you with excellent acuity.

Machine Description

Machine Speed12 To 50 Per Min.
Bag Size(Length)30-250 Mm (Width) 100-360 Mm
Film MaterialComposite Film/Non-Woven Fabric/Paper-Plastic Film
Net Weight400kg Gross Weight
Bag TypeCenter Seal
VoltageAC420V Three -Phase
Total Power4 kW
Measuring Range5gms, 100gms, 50gms to 500gms
Measuring ModeVolumetric Auger Filler
Machine MaterialMild Steel
Solid-State RelayUnison
Intermediate RelayIndia
SensorPepper + Fuchs


  • Low-cost, high-gain, high-speed, and high-efficiency technology.
  • PLC control device from a well-known brand, with a big touch screen and simple operation;
  • A servo motor controls the film, which lowers the device and seals it horizontally.
  • Minimize failure with a full-featured automatic warning system;
  • It can complete feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting, and finished product delivery when equipped with feeding and measuring equipment.
  • Sachet-making: The system may produce pouch and sachet, depending on the needs of the consumer.
  • Fine packaging efficiency, low noise, a clear sealing texture, and a good seal.

Supper Power Pack Systems

The fully automatic Coffee Sachet Packing Machine from Supper power pack capable of dosing and filling coffee powder into a machine-made pouch, sealing it, and cutting it. Precision and speed are essential. You just need to place the powder in the feeder and set the volume per pouch on the touch screen, then place the roll film on the machine, and the machine will start running, converting the powder into one bag and saving you money. The printer for printing lot numbers is an add-on item.

Supper power pack provides auger filler which is mostly used for sticky powders such as milk powders, flours, ground spices, coffee powders, pesticides, and other chemicals. A hopper holds the commodity to be packed in the Auger filler method. An inclined or horizontal screw conveyor is used to keep the product level constant. An agitator churns the material and aids in the breaking up of lumps. As the auger screw rotates, the material fills the pitch of the screw and is discharged to the bottom of the bag to be made.

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