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Maida,suji Packaging machine

Product Details: Suji,Miada,Beasn Automatic packing   ( Twin One machine 

Auger Filler – Flour Maida,Beasin,

Cup Filler- Suji,Grains

Automation GradeAutomatic
Capacity (pouch per hour)0-500 Pouch per hour,500-1000 Pouch per hour,1000-1500 Pouch per hour
BrandSupper Power Pack
Compressed Air6 to 8 bar
Filling TypeVolumatiric Cup filler , Auger filler
Packaging MaterialWood
Power Source5hp
Product TypePowder
Sealing TypeCenter Seal
Driven TypeElectric
Packaging Type,Roller
Bag TypePillow pouch
Packing Speed10 to 30
We are brought automatic Flour and semolina packing machine,
Both semolina and flour can be packed from the same machine,
If there is a Servo auger filler for flour, you can pack powder in the Auger machine, from the flour flour flour, second Cup Filler machine you can packed the semolina Puless, this is the machine, this is Towine One machine,
That is, your filing system is two, and the basic machine is one, when you have to run the flour, you have to install Servo Auger Filler,
If you have to run semolina and pulses, then you have to put Cup Filler,
This is such technology. For the first time in India we have made this machine for two items together, this machine is very advanced technology, this machine does not even have maintenance, and this machine is 100 grams 200 grams 500 grams of 1000 grams packed , And this machine has very little price, it does not cost much,
Like the Flour Mill, nowadays, they want me to do both items from the same machine, now they have to put a separate machine to do it on Flour Maida, they have to put different machines to pack Suji & n Grains. You can do this on both items from the same machine, and the machine runs in a very simple way, there is no extra expense in it, I will request you all to keep the machine clean and tidy. Probe Lam will be when you are machine cleaning will keep the machine of Life 3 to 4 years and up, Thank You

Applicable Range/

1. This machine can be suitable for all kinds of industries like food;medicine;cosmetic;industrial products Besan, Maida, aata, , Cup fiiling , Suji

Full Features and Functions :

A) This machine can be able to weight, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting,lot number automatically.

B) It has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design(photoelectricity control system).


C) Fine packaging performance ,low noise ,clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.

D) With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operator’s hands.

E) Operation manual will be delivered to the clients with machine

F) Tenure of Use: 15-20 Years

G) With Schneider riginal PLC control system, makes it very good stability, good

use, and durable in using time


H) With Color Touch Screen , HMI,Which makes it very easy and convenient operation.

Volumetric Servo Auger filler – powder

The principle of auger filler is to dose the product by auger screw. Auger screw speed & rotation is controlled precisely by servo motor.

Auger filler is used mainly for sticky powders like milk powders, flours, ground spices, coffee powders, pesticides, etc.

Auger filler system includes a hopper containing product to be packed. The product level is maintained using inclined or horizontal screw conveyor. There is an agitator, which churns the material & helps to break lumps. The pitch of auger screw is filled with the material, when it rotates & the same is discharged to the bottom of the bag to be formed.


Servo Driven for high efficiency & accuracy. Precise & accurate dosing.

Integrated with bagger through network. Works in synchronization with bagger speed.

Can work with close loop system, if attached with check weigher as an option.

Rugged construction ensuring consistent high dosing accuracy.

All contact parts made out from stainless steel 304.

Fast & easy cleaning agitator hopper design.

Suji ,


Rotary Dish Type Cup Filler With Multiple Dumps Option,

All Material Contact Part Standard Steel 304,

Dish Size 500mm ,

With Provision For Minor adjustment Of Volume By Telescopic Cups,

Output ; 10 Up 30 Pouchs/ Per Mint,