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Black salt is needed at home. Food without black salt does not taste, it is very dangerous for the body and for the coronavirus to buy open salt,

  Our automatic black salt packing machine, we have made this machine different from many different machines, the beauty of this machine is that salt contact parts are made by making standard steel 316L, so that the parts do not spoil quickly, and the machine Parts lifespan

Note- Low Cost Machine

To start the salt business, people bring inexpensive machines, and inexpensive machines are unable to run for 6 months, when parts are made of iron on the rainy days, then it gets rusted, the machine’s nut bolts are broken in the machine. Go, the machine is not able to run for more than 6 months, the machine takes full money, true machines are unable to run for a long time and the demand that comes in the market will be able to fulfill the demand, and that market Area are out,


Our capability of this modern machine is very high in running and very simple, it is a packing machine specially designed for salt, this machine has a touch screen display for setting, the machine which has different You can set the operation in the machine’s screen touch display, you need 10 strips, or 1-1 pouches, you can set all the time in the display how long you have to do the sealing. , Be to set the length of the pouch, fill material in sachets,
There is some kind of operating fault in the machine, all these things you can set in the screen touch display, you will see technical malfunction message, high quality parts, and electric parts in this machine, and and motor gearbox sensor screen touch Displays are involved in making high company products,

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