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Water Bottling Plant in India 2023 Manufacturing Machines for Small Business Ideas

40 BPM Mineral Water Filling Machine


ASTRA-23 –     40 bpm Rinsing, Filling, and Capping Machine 2400 Per Hour


  • Material: Stainless steel S.S.304
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Bottle handling with air delivering.
  • Power of motor: 0.75KW
  • Electricity: 1 HP
  • 3 Phase 2800 RPM


  • Machine is neck holding type & it can handle PET bottles from 200ml to 2000ml in Standard Size of the Bottle only (Standard Neck only).



  • Empty bottles are feed manually on to the in-feed Air conveyor.
  • From there bottles are carried to the Rinsing section.
  • Bottles griped by neck & get tilted on rinsing nozzles.
  • Rinsed bottles are coming straight & get transferred to the filing section & are holded by
  • Filed bottles are transfer to the capping section.
  • Caps are put in the elevator & tightened under the revolving capping heads, while
  • Coming out by out feed conveyor.
  • The automatic rinse rotor has spring loaded grippers mounted radically which pick up bottles one by one from the infeed transfer rotor. The bottle is inverted against a lever on the rinse valve to start the rinsing operation. Thus we have NO BOTTLE – NO RINSE. Bottles are washed for up to three seconds each, before draining (for removal of residual water) and up righting for transfer to the filling rotor. The rinsing medium is generally product water
  • After completion of the filling operation, bottles are transferred to the capping rotor by the out cap picking rotor, the bottles necks are picking up caps. With NO BOTTLE NO CAP arrangement is there.
  • Caps are stored in a SS 304 ground level hopper mounted at the base on the elevator column. The caps are elevated/oriented and they are diverted into the cap chute leading to the filling machine. The operation of the elevator is controlled automatically by a control panel mounted sensors, stops the cap elevator automatically once the chute gets filled to capacity and restarts it on the caps get consumed.
  • Bottles after the completion of the rinse – fill- seal cycle are discharged on to the outfeeed SS304 slat conveyor. The bottles are visually inspected against fluorescent background light for detection of particles bottles. Mounted on the inspection lamp. Also the bottles are counted with the help of a se nsor which gives digital count on the control panel indicating finished bottles. Put neck and body sleeve manually on line conveyor. Bottle will pass through Heat shrink tunnel gets labelled. There after the bottle are picked up manually for cartooning. After which the finished bottles are picked up manually for cartooning

    Water Bottling Plant in India 2023 Manufacturing Machines for Small Business Ideas
    Water Bottling Plant in India 2023 Manufacturing Machines for Small Business Ideas