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Washing powder packing machine in Maputo Mozambique

Automatic salt and washing powder packing machine,

 Machine for Washing Powder and Salt is made, the parts which are engaged in this machine are made of Part Standard Steel 304, you will maintain the machine in a manner, the machine will be 7 years life, 30 minutes for cleaning the machine. In this machine, all the components are installed on CNC machine, we have seen in the market that people bring cheap machines, all the parts in it are made in iron, Iron Material If it is made, it will catch the rusting, its parts are spoiled in 2 to 4 months, both salt and washing powder are a water product, due to its moisture its parts are damaged very soon, we have special Salt and the machine have been built for years only ASTRA-56, which are the components of the aluminum he30 in the machine and some brass, which also increases machine’s life, it is also easy to run the machine in which the machine Do not have some maintenance, this machine will be good, the machine will run for long time, we have installed a PL-C control system in which it is very easy to run the machine, whatever control the machine has to do, The touch display remains, you do not need much space to install this machine, put it in a small place, and there is a lot of cast machine,

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