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Want to install automatic packing machines

Automatic Packing Machine for Super Market

Want to install automatic packing machines in malls and super markets
For multiple product, do 25 gm 50 gm program 200 gm 250 g 400 gm 500 gm 1kg machine
This is our multiple weighing automatic and packing machine
Product Granules ,Sugar, Tea, Rice, Standing, Spices, Celery Cumin Fennel Mustard Badam Cashew Kismeis All this products packing machine,
It is a high-tech, low-cost machine, the parameters of the machine can be set from the screen touch monitor, how many grams of packing you need to set, the length of the access, when to do the cutting sealing, setting it all from the screen touch monitor Can, the sensors are engaged by German-made companies,
For small business, for small mall, the cheapest good quality packing machine for small traders is
Selling open goods can be very dangerous in the world due to corona virus disease, selling unopened goods is also dangerous for your brand, if you sell goods by packing in reach, then there will be no danger to the customer,