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Automatic Sachet Packing – I want to tell you, you are equipped with the world’s most amazing Advance Technology about Mini Pouch Packing Machine, we can also speak Nanotechnology, this machine has PLC, which has a program logic control system, in it You will get from 1 program to 15 programs, that is, you can pack 10 types of products, first you save the name of a program and the settings of Gms, then the second program Set the name and weight of the second product in RAM,

By doing so you save the name of the 15 products by setting the settings, when you select the program for the product to run,

Start machine, if you do not have to set every product repeatedly, it will save you time, your pouches will be less poor, and product will not be vested, you will have a lot of time to change the product so we talk about it. Nanotechnology, you do not have any maintenance at the packing machine, you can run this machine for 24 hours, without any interruption, it has very little mechanical parts. There are a few things which come from the mantanee, whatever the machine’s setting is, you have to set it with the monitor of the machine, how much you have to seal, when the goods have to be filtered, when the sensor is to be sensed, you stand in this machine Spices Tea Sugar Pulles Seeds Groundnut You can pack such products,