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masala Packaging Machine Astra-56-Volumetric Servo Auger Filler Packing machine ,

Today, in our India-year world, spice is a product that works from house to house, Our high-tech automatic packing machine masala powder 25 g 50 g 100 g 200 g 250 g and 500 g can be packed with a single machine, this is a technology that we Volumetric Servo Auger Filler has the ability to weigh heavily , Screw design, we manufacture high quality steel in screw making, this screw is made in high quality machine, Auger Hopper design of machine is clean It is very simple for EE, it has a technology capable of pouring high quality Servo Motor powder, it has tremendous weight accuracy, our modern automatic powder packing machine is fast moving, the machine has fast advance technology. The working control is installed, such technology you can find in Germany machine of Japan. It is in dire need with low cost, low maintenance and low power consumption, today our machines are sold a lot around the world, today