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pulp Juice Small aseptic filling machine,

Main principle of operation of the machine.

  1. Main structure of the ministries and characteristics. Outline structure and the Department of briefing:

1-1 The machine consists of large frame and other structure, built-in large paper frame, small reducer prefabricated paper film system, transport film stepper motor system, pull film stepper motor system, plastic PE seal, paste heat sealing system, hydrogen peroxide bath sterilization system, high efficiency air filtration system, high temperature air sterilization system, hydrogen peroxide atomization system, sterile room, forming round, vertical and horizontal seal, high-frequency heat, transverse sealing high-frequency heat, performer (Referred to as the basket), the main cylinder promotion department & drive system  department assembly, the main reducer control instruction procedures, post-forming machine, institutions and electricity & gas integration, and PLC automatic control system.

1-2 main structural features:

The machine works for intermittent traction, traction power from the front reducer and after the first two motion film stepper motor relay to enhance the pull film strength, complete the task of sending the film. Each movement coordination is rely on each cam rotation angle on the main reducer, by the proximity switch capture the signal, and pull the film on the roller system on the photoelectric switch, take the film light eyes, flutter catch the signal together with the PLC machine, by the PLC machine control the action to complete the whole machine linkage work.

  1. Main principle of operation details:

2-1 Packaging material Paper roll, placed in the rear of the machine on the membrane frame, large paper roll pulled by the VV90-type reducer drive rubber wheel, traction package material, come into the paper roll system through the paper roller mechanism.

2-2 Change to the vertical direction and then go through the paper roll change the direction, go into the paste PE. Paste PE seal is affixed to the side of the inner surface of the wrapper. When the film pass vertical and horizontal seal. So that the film rolled into a cylindrical, with the film inside the surface of the other side of the paste, increase the interface package material sealing.

pulp Juice Small aseptic filling machine