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Applicable Range/
… It is a very small packing machine, this machine can pack all kinds of spices like Garam Masala,Kebab Masala and Pharmaceutical Powder, you do not need much space to install this machine, it is a small room You can put in, if you want to do small business, this machine you can definitely perches, by putting such a small machine you can pack small packs, there is a lot of demand in the market of alert pouch. It runs from a machine computer control system, it has internet pic, you encounter any problem, you have to have internet connection, so that we can see from our system online, what problem you are experiencing, And we can also support you online, in this machine you get a lot of measurement Accuracy, this machine will have single single pouch and a system of combat, you will get 10 pouches You can make 20 pouches as you like
Color Touch Screen With Full color touch screen, which makes it very easy and
convenient operation Schneider –
Machine speed 10 to 55 per mint
Bag Size (Length)30-250 mm (Width) 100-360 mm
Film Material Composite film/non-woven fabric/paper-plastic film
Net Weight 400KG Gross weight :450kg
Bag Type Center Seal
Notch Applicable
Voltage AC420V Three -phase
Total Power 4.kw
Measuring range lgms 25gms,
PLC Schneider
Measuring Mode Volumetric Auger filler,
Sensor Pepper + Fuchs Base Germany
Machine Material Mild Steel
Motor Bonfigloli
Transducer marathon Base India
relay unison Base India
relay india Baselndia
Buttons Schneider Base France
Penumatice festo Base Germany
Color Touch Screen With Full color touch screen, which makes it very easy and
convenient operation Schneider –

-Auger Fillers solution for powder filling
Auger filler are providing accurate and reliable solution for the task of dosing various powders.
By selecting suitable combination of auger filler screw size and the speed of the auger screw rotation.
Fast filling speed, and high dosing accuracy can be achieved without any damage to the structures of the powder.,,
Auger filling – 5gms to 50gms , 50gms to 500gms Output; 12 Up 50 Pouches/ Per Mint
Full Features and Functions :
A) This machine can be able to weight, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting,lot number automatically.
B) It has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design(photoelectricity control system).
C) Fine packaging performance ,low noise ,clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.
D) With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operator’s hands.
E) Operation manual will be delivered to the clients with machine
F) Tenure of Use: 15-20 Years
G) With Schneider original PLC control system, makes it very good stability, good use, and durable in using time .
H) With Color Touch Screen , HMI,Which makes it very easy and convenient operation.
Note: Actual output will depends on film quality & properties, reserve the right to prove above offered outputs on suitable film at their works. Buyer to provide their film rolls in sufficient quantity to check its working at above speeds of machine. The set performance, however, is subject to the following factors:
1. Product properties and behavior

automatic plastic bag sealing machine