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Packaging machine small business in Netherlands,

Automatic Packing Machine For Chex Mix Popcoren,Salted Peanut, Potato Chips 

Mini automatic vertical packing machine, you can make all kinds of snakes and banana chips and potato chips and packing, this machine can range from 20 grams to 50 grams 75 grams and up to 100 grams,250gms to 1000gms

 This machine, if we start our own business with small traders, then they can not buy a large machine expensive machine, then we have brought this machine to the mini system,

 It is a low cost machine, you can apply in small places, take less area, have less maintenance and can run the machine in a simple way, this machine has four electric weighers, so that the goods in the weighing pouch of the product It falls, this is the control from the Electric Weight Automatic Weighing Controller, you must also win the Grams packing, save the parameters in the screen touch display,

And when the product you want to run, select the number and start the machine, you will not have to set up different product settings every time, which also saves your time, the product is less poor, more production results in less time You do not need to write in any notebook,

I believe this machine is like a robotic system, that is a tremendous capacity in this machine, you can run this machine for 24 hours, without any breakdown, you must have a technician to run this machine, this little If you have a big machine, then a little bit is going to be deficient, then you have to put a tactician permanent to run this machine, what can I do in this machine, And have delivered,

Potato Chips Kurkure Corn chips Namkeen
Candy Bubblegum Marshmall Cheese puff
Chifle Corn nuts Snack mix Arare
Pretzel Multi-grain Popcorn Foods
Dry Fruit Beans Seeds Sugar
Tea Rice Salt Peanuts


Banana Plantain Potato Chips Weighing Sachet Packing Machine 20g 50g 100g