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Oil filling Edible Oils Filling in Lagos Nigeria

Electronic controls
Reputed International make PLC for controls of various functions of the machine.
Alphanumeric LCD display HMI (Human Machine Interface) to display various user friendly
messages. Volume setting on touch key pad facilitates minimum changeover time. The preset
values program are stored in nonvolatile memory.
HMI Display :-100mm delta make
Change Over

Minimum changeover time while changing from one pack size to other pack size in the
specified filling range as the machine do not require and change parts. The mechanical
adjustments are provided on easy setting knobs and fittings.
Nozzles : PNEUMATIC Nozzles with bottom close system to avoid dripping.
Flow meter : VSE (Germany make)
No bottle no fill : No bottle no fill as standard feature
Accuracy : +/- 0. 5% (by volume)
Product takesup : From header tank.
Drainage tray : below the conveyor for product/CIP process
M.O.C. : Constructed in SS-304, with heavy duty structures in mild steel with
S.S. 304 cladding. Contact parts in SS 304

Mustard oil filling machine in Dar Es Salam Tanzania,

Standard Accessories
•Hopper/Buffer tank: 200liter capacity (approx.)
•Conveyor: 6”X16 FEET long SS Slat conveyor as a part of machine 0.5 hp gear motor bonfiglioli .
Utilities Required
•415 Volts, 50 Hz, A.C. 3 phase power supply
•6 Kg Pressure compressed air 3 CFM
•11/2” product pipe line
All above shall be provided within two meter vicinity of the installation.