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Nigeria 2000bph Carbonated Soft Drinks Beverage Filling Machine With High Quality

Fully Automatic CSD Rinsing, Filling, Capping Machine 9-9-4 Rotary Based

(Cold Filling process)—-Filling Pressure will be 2 to 4 deg. Temperature.

8 Head Rising, 8 Head Counter pressure Filling and 4 Head Screw capping machine with cap Feeder, VFD etc.

  • In feed Air Conveyor
  • Exit Conveyor

Theoretical Output :- up to 40 BPM

Online Steam shrink tunnel with steam generator

1.2 mtr long S.S steam tunnel

Steam generator

  • Steam generator mounted on S.S pipes structure and covered with SS sheet
  • 18 KW  heater are used
  • System is design for 2.5 kg  saturated steam production constantly
  • With high pressure cut off & low pressure start system.
  • “No water” heater will not start.
  • Automatic tank level control system with high pressure transfer pump.
  • Steam generator is connected with SS flexible pipes.(Crompton Pump Used)

Steam tunnel having small steam storage facility & with control and drain valve.