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multi purpose packing machine

Astra-56-  Linear Twin  Head Weighmetric Filling With Automatic Shute Type Bagger


Banana Chips Mixture popping corn
Dried Banana Chips Potato Chips popcorn  australia
Plantain Chips Potato chips Spanish Popcorn South Africa
salted banana chips Potato chips     magic  masala Popcorn France
Namkeens Tongo Potato chips Shanks

 Twin Head Weighing Packing Machine For  Granule  Rice ,Sugar, Grains, Seeds, Tea, Dry Fruit , Namkeen ,Wafers, Popcorns

Applicable Range/

Foods market is huge, our life is incomplete without foods,

 Nowadays small sachet pouches are very much in demand, everyone wants to make a brand with their name, start a small business, so we have made this machine a very low cost machine for small industries,

Nitrogen gas flushing is very important, inside foods, if you pack foods without nitrogen gas,

Very quickly that product gets spoiled which can damage your brand, nitrogen filled gas pouches can last for four to five months depending on which food product it is, look at the food market and make an automatic packing machine. , is,

  Making Potato Chips Chopped Popcorn Crunchy Snacks With this machine you can pack this product,

 You can also do this business in a small town, you can do business in a small village, there is very little maintenance in this machine,