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Masala Powder Pouch Packing Machine

ASTRA-56 Volumetric Servo Auger Filler packing machine


Best advanced technology Less packing machine for spice powder


Spices Taste is an important part of Indian cooking and it is a different part of our kitchen. With the pace of life, less time is left for cooking; it seems like a long day if you haven’t eaten some spicy masala cheese. Haven’t even eaten anything from it, If spicy dishes are not tasted in marriage, then the day seems incomplete, Indian spices are famous all over the world, there are spices to make a dish tasty and their ratio lies a mystery, Indian Spices are exported in large quantities, their demand is increasing every year, Indian spice manufacturers have a lot of advantage in exporting,

If you export by packaging, then your company will become a big brand,


Spices business is growing at a very fast pace, its demand is increasing day by day. Masala powder is sold mostly in sachet packing, now a good quality machine is needed for packing, which can pack spices in time. , Spices Business Sells Best in Pouch Packing,

best quality and modern machine to pack masala ASTRA-56 Volumetric Servo Auger Filler Packing machine ,ASTRA-56 demand today not in India but all over the world, this machine is in condition and with good quality and advance technology, low packing cost, and low maintenance cost,

The setting of this machine is from a screen touch display, in which you can see the length of the weight pouch, cutting of the pouch, making the reach thread, if there is a technical fault in the machine, then most of the reasons are visible in the display,

The method of operating the machine is also very simple, due to very high technology, this machine is in highest demand in Africa, Africa is far away from India, but due to the modernization of this machine, most of the problems are video calls. fix by call, due to which a lot of time of the customer is settled, the installation of the machine is done comfortably,