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powder filling machine

Dry Powder Packaging Machine 


Dry Powder Automatic Packing Machine With this machine you can pack all kinds of dry powder,

Fine powder in which  should not be excessive moisture, PSI what can be done on you, in this time we make the machine Accuracy in weight, and the machine runs comfortably. In the time of making the machine, What is the problem, all those things have worked carefully, the most discussed in the world is about the machines of Japan and Italy, we pay attention to Germany and Japan This advanced machine is manufactured in Germany, because Germany and Japan have very high prices, its small industrial cannot be installed, then we made this machine low cost, you have to make more of this area No need, and you can pack the powder from 50 grams to 500 grams of machine, I want to tell the name of that product to you.


Chestnut flour  Atta Flour Wheat Flour Spices
purpose flour corn flour Cassava flour Hard flour
Brown rice flour Graham flour ground nutmeg ground cumin
Gluten flour


Unbleached flour Pastry flour Cake flour
Enriched flour Bleached flour Red Chilies cardamom powder
ground ginger ground turmeric teaspoon ground cloves Besain