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automatic weighing and filling machine

Linear Weighing Filler Machine is next level technology which packs material based on weight. The feeder is vibrator it drops material slowly and one by one price. The electronic control panel consists of a sophisticated electronic hardware and software control the rate of vibration and continuously measures the weight that falls inside the weighing pan. Once the material in the weighing pan reaches nearly 80{ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987} to 90{ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987} of the target weight the machine automatically enters in the fine mode where the material trickles down and the vibration finally stops as soon as the target weight is achieved. The weighted material is then dropped automatically or by pressing a foot switch in the final packet/carton. This system is called A single head weighing machine and by this single head machine 6 to 10 fills can be taken per minute. For more speed the number of weighing head can be increased.

Product Details:

Power Source Electric
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Machine Power signal phase
Display control PLC controlled
Brand Super Power Pack
Capacity 50-1000Gram
Power Consumption 1kw
Machine Type Semi-Automatic
Size 50gms to 1000gms
Material Stainless Steel
Color whiat
Voltage (V) 220v
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Speed (dpm) 10 to 50 per mint
Phase 1
Condition New
Weight (kg) 200kg
Driven Type no
Filling Range (kg) 50gms to 1000gms
Accuracy Of Filling ({ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987}) 1+-
Motor (HP) 1.5hp
Film Size (mm) no
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Model Number ASTRA-40
Packing Type no
Display Type Screen Tuch
Packing Material no
Machine Dimension 900mm1000mm1300mm
Optional Attachment Funal
Reel Width no
Sealing Types no
Platform yes
Bagger Speed Upto no
Connected Load 1kw
Heat System no
Horizontal Table no
Machine 2 head linear weigher
Paper Pulling Mechanism no
Supply Voltage 240 V

Products Name: 2 Head Head Linear Weighing Machine

Features Specifications:

This machine is professionally used to granular, crystalloid,e.g. chicken essence, monosodium glutamate,coffee,sugar,dextrose
This machine is our latest design, It is professionally used to granular, crystalloid, e.g. chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, coffee, sugar, dextrose and anything fluidity materials. This design was the initiate in China, It breaks the low-speed, and sinuous-operating of the traditional vibrating machine.

1.Four measuring bucket, not be impact by outside things, bucket is separated with the bags, so that it has more faster speed
2.The feeder can adjust the proportion in running so that it has high precise and high speed
3.It has independent weight-sensor, be more stable, more sensitivity, and it breaks the instrument-type control system
4.Memory the current packing time by setting, easily transmitting, feed back the products passing rate in time
5.Chinese interface, more directly operating
6.Adjusting process could do adjusting easily, useful for longtime weight-lossing