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juice carton aseptic box packing machine

Aseptic Box packing machine to pack “Juice“

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading & quality conscious manufacturers & exporter Trading  of Aseptic box packing machines/Carton machines to pack the products in Liquid, powder & granular forms.

Technical Specification


Standard capacity: 500 ml / box.

Ordinary brick type box

Packaging materials: cardboard / polyethylene / aluminum foil composite (7 layers).

Packing speed: 1800 box / h.

Operator: 2 people.

The maximum dimensions: 4400mm × 1520mm × 3530mm.

Total weight: 3800 kg.

Total power: 15KW

Compressed air: consumption of 0.9 m2 / min.

Cooling water: Use clean softwater or purified water.

Aqua hydrogen dioxidemeans Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Consumption: 0.2L / shift.

Wastage: 1-2%

Quality: 35% concentration, without wetting agent, purity in line with CB6684-86, sodium ≤ 5ppm, calcium ≤ 1ppm, sulfur ≤ 2ppm, phosphorus ≤ 10ppm, other elements ≤ 1ppm, total backwater residue ≤ 50mg / 1L.

Aseptic Box packing machine to pack “Juice“