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Ice Candy Packing Machine

Popsicle Lolly Ice Pop Filling Machine

Model                                      : Astra-43


System        : Mechanically Operated  Astra Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Machinewith

Gravity Filling System


Product                                   : Mineral Water


Packing System                     : Continuous Injection


Packing Capacity                  : Up to 500ml


Packing Speed             : 3500PPH for 300ml

                                                : 3200 PPH for 500ml


Packing Accuracy                    : 2%


PolytheneSize : Normally 325mm


Sealer Heating System            : Continuous Sealing


System of Operation              : T.C. control


Reduction Gear Box               : Standard 30:1 Reduction Ratio (Greaves make)


System Weight                        : 350Kg’s (Approximately)


System Dimensions                 : W x D x H (Approx.) 650mm x 950mm x 1800mm (Single Head)


Peak Power                              : 1.5 KW / 1Ø / 230 V AC, 50Hz + 5%


Power Consumption                : Below 1.0 KW/Hr.


Material of Construction      : All parts coming in to contact with the product ASI 304

Stainless Steel and other are Mild Steel duly painted.