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How the toffee nut Puffs packing machine

How the snack foods packing machine works
Toffee Nut Puffs cheese corn

is the best selling product worldwide,
From automatic packing machine 20 g to 30 g 50 g 80 g 100 g You can packing with the same machine, this machine has electric 2 head linear electrical weighing metric system, the first product will be weighed and then the filling will be After that there will be sealing, its weight has to be set with a screen touch monitor, this machine also has a nitrogen gas system for the life of the food, which will be filled in the nitrogen gas automatic pouch, what is the benefit of nitrogen gas in the snake test. 2 months later remains the same as it remains fresh, the design of the machine is modern, it is a low-cost, high-powered machine for a small business, the majority of the machine is operated by a screen touch monitor, you can have 10 You can also make pouch threads, you can also make a reach cutting, this machine has very low electrical consumption, you can do the machine stole yourself if you are technical, making all kinds of potato chips in it. Crunchy Popcorn Packing all these products with one machine,