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Powder sachet packing machine in Norway

high speed packaging machines

Automatic vertical Packing with Heavy Dossier Volumetric Servo Auger Filler Machine


About Spices Powder Packing Machine,

With this machine you can pack spice powder from 500 grams to 2000 grams,

It has been used to make a new advancement technology

 You can use this machine for 24 hours

Fine powder can pack from this machine

Turmeric chilly coriander gram masala meat masala chana masala hina masala kebab masala curry powder veg casserole powder of all pulses You can do this by one,

You have to run this machine with a display,

 The machine is turned off from the display itself, in this machine, as if I finished the material, you will stop this machine automatically, packing the wrong type, the machine will stop the machine itself,

We have also used the technology of Germany and Japan to create this machine.

 You do not have maintenance from this machine for 10 to 15 years,

 But this is possible only when you keep the cleanliness of the machine good,

 In this machine you have to do the setting of the village with the display

 Pouch can weigh less than the display

 From the same machine you can pack from 500 grams to 2000 grams

  Automatic vertical Packing With Heavy Dossier Volumetric Servo Auger Filler Machine

 Vertical Form Fill Seal machine to pack  Spices Powder

Pack Type:- Center sealed Pillow Pouch

Film Type :- Heat Sealable Multilayer Laminate.

Filling Rage-500gms To 2000 gms  

Accuracy :- +/- 3gm of fill volume                                           

Speed :- 10 to 40 packs per min


  • Pneumatic Type machine with coller.
  • Constant heat seal bars for sealing the horizontal seal and double draw for vertical seal. controlled Induction motor for film draw down by rubbarised belts.
  • make PLC with 7” colour touch screen HMI for controls. SCHNEIDER
  • Motors for film unwinding and trolley movement.
  • PID controllers for temperature control.
  • MS sq pipe structure with ceramic painting, with all contact parts in SS 304.
  • With one set of forming size parts.