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Granules Pulses Seeds Packing machine

Volumetric Cup filling Sealing  Sugar packing machine,


It is an automatic packing machine, powered by very powerful technology, this machine is not some mequnical device, the performance of this machine will be an automatic fault alarm, it is easy to fix the machine, and it is very easy to operate the machine, any Fix kind of problem, how much sealing you have to do, when to fill, when to seal, date batch code printing machine signal, when to give, axis for batch printing Hands can set it to display, pouches fought must change, because this machine is considered a pre-load, buy those Chinese machinery cheaper faint O, India’s best machine in the world market. Today our weapon – 56 is very much in demand in the market, what can this product packing in this machine, I tell you,

It is suitable for automatic packing of various types of grains such as candy, confection, chocolate bean, peanut, bean, tea, spices, rice, snack, seeds, small toys, etc.



Second. Technical facility


  1. To make the machine stable, PLC we have established the Schneider Company, this company is operated from France, to facilitate the operation, the touch screen of the Schneider Company.