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Granule Packaging Machine, Peanuts Packaging Machine, Walnuts Packaging Machine

granule packing machines We also supply these machines in abroad countries including Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nigeria, Morocco, Malaysia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Thailand

Granule Packaging Machine, Peanuts Packaging Machine, Walnuts Packaging Machine

Granule packing machines are used to package granular materials and items in their respective packaging. Grains, lenses, pulses, and other granular products are examples of granular products. It’s also possible that these are tiny pharmaceuticals. Polyethylene or plastic bags are often used to package granular items.

Granules filling machines ensure that each package contains the exact same amount of product. The system is set up for a certain amount of weight to be packed. This figure is easily modifiable. Material weighing technology is precise and produces fast results. The packages not only contain a commodity but are also boxed and sealed. The weight of each package will vary between 1 gram and 5000 grams. However, 1 gram is negligible, and this machine’s lower limit is generally at least 100 grams


Machine Description

ModelAstra 56
Speed (PPM9-18 DPM
Forming typeShut Type
Strip cutSingle cut system 50 Strip provided
Roller Vertical seal width ( mm)10/15 typical
Bag SizeRoll width- 100 to 380 mm
Pouch length- 75 to 250 mm
Film MaterialPaper-plastic /Composite film/non-woven fabric film
Net Weight400Kg Gross weight
Bag TypeCentre Seal
VoltageAC420V Three -phase
Total Power2.KW
Measuring range500gms 1000gms-
PLC ControllerSchneider Make France
Process Parameter SatingThrough HMI - Make France
Measuring ModeVolumetric Cup Filling
Serration and cuttingCount to be fed through HMI
Material of constructionAll parts in SS304, and others in MS.
Delivery chute01
Colour Touch ScreenFull colour touch screen, makes it very easy and convenient operation
Machine MaterialStandard Steel & Mild Steel
MotorBonfiglioli - Make Italian Brand
TransducerMarthon - India
Solid-state relayUnison / Emtack - Indian
Intermediate relayIndian
ButtonsSchneider - Make France
Festo - Make Germany
SensorPepper + Fuchs, Data Logic, Germany
Floor area10 sq. Ft.

Supper Power Pack system, is a leading granule packing machine supplier that provides you with a machine that is primarily used in packing food and grain, and it is also critical that the machine components do not cause any product contamination or wastage. It is sufficiently successful to prevent these two undesirable outcomes. This machine’s electronic components are dependable and of high long-term quality. This avoids the machine from sudden malfunctioning, resulting in a waste of time and money. This computer is also simple to manage and operate.


  • Protective plastic box is placed on the spinning blade to protect the operator’s hands.
  • Along with the computer, the clients will receive an operation manual.
  • Cost effective
  • Leakproof sealing
  • Energy efficient
  • High-functioning and improvised output
  • Period of Use: 3 to 7 years.
  • Swift modification of the bag specifics.
  • Clean and no wastage
  • Modular heating, more explicit temperature control.
  • Leisurely and convenient operation
  • The CAM design of the single shaft

Supper Power Pack for Granule Packing Machine

Granule Filling Machines from Supper Power Pack is ideal for packing granules like rice, sugar peas, and other similar items. This automated granule packaging unit employs a PLC to regulate the bag length and adjustable volumetric cups for calculation. It can be used with thermal compound materials such as single paper/PE, cellophane/PE, aluminium foil/PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE, and other similar materials. It’s easy to use, saves resources, and is reasonably priced.

With a team of highly qualified and skilled experts, our administrations are tailored to your needs and financial plans. For enormous and limited applications our granulated filling machine can be used.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a Granule Packing Machine in India.