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Glass Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Lakadong Curcumin Powder Turmeric Filling Capping Liebling Machine


Volumetric Servo Auger Filler


The principle of auger filler is to dose the product by auger screw. Auger screw speed & rotation is controlled precisely by servo motor.

Auger filler is used mainly for sticky powders like milk powders, flours, ground spices, coffee powders, pesticides, etc.

Auger filler system includes a hopper containing product to be packed. The product level is maintained using inclined or horizontal screw conveyor. There is an agitator, which churns the material & helps to break lumps. The pitch of auger screw is filled with the material, when it rotates & the same is discharged to the bottom of the bag to be formed.


Servo Driven for high efficiency & accuracy. Precise & accurate dosing.

Integrated with bagger through network. Works in synchronization with bagger speed.

Can work with close loop system, if as an option.

Rugged construction ensuring consistent high dosing accuracy.

All contact parts made out from stainless steel 304.

Fast & easy cleaning agitator hopper design

Inclined Screw Conveyor

SCREW CONVEYOR Heavy Duty Long Lasting Working
Inclined Screw Conveyor

Size– Ø100 X 2500mm Discharge Height From Ground Level
Storage Hopper (225  Ltr) With Stirrer Assembly
Movable Trolley With PU Make Break Revolving Wheel
Power Consumption – 2 hp 3 Phase For Screw Conveyor
Power Consumption– 0.5 Hp 3 Phase For Stirrer Assembly
Material Of Construction Stainless Steel Grade – 304
Conveying Capacity– 1000 Kg/ Hour



Frame construction –SS pipe

 Turn Table plate – SS 304 with Gear box motor.

 Ac drive 0.5 Hp.

 Bottle Gap – output – 100 mm size.

 Bottle height – 200 mm size

Bottle Dia – 25 mm to 75 mm (more size confirm before po

Panel – on/off switch power supply 230 v 50hz, single phase.

Height adjustment leg nut washer.

Height of floor to Turn table plate – 800mm +/- 50 mm



The Flat belt bends from 90 to 180 degrees U and L Shape Slat conveyor system can also be utilised for over head conveying, conveying products to packing areas or to other operations, ensuring floor space is kept free and clear.

Chain conveyors are used for continual positive drive over a fairly

1)  This machine with PLC base so auto label length measurable

2)  Labeler slide is angular adjustment so Taper bottle can berun.

3)  3 level password protection.

4)  Single point control

Glass Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Lakadong Curcumin Powder Filling Capping Liebling Machine
Glass Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Lakadong Curcumin Powder Filling Capping


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