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Flour Automatic Bagging Machine


·         Model: ASTRA-182

·         Application: Bag Filling machine

·         Material: Gum Arabic/ Flour/Enriched flour/Unbleached flour/Hard flour/Cake flour

·         Type: Belt Bagging & Weighing System (Material Contact Part Food Grade Belt, SS304)

·         Weighing Capacity: 10kg, 20kg,25kg,&


·         Speed: 3 Bags/Minute(180 Bags/Hour)

·         Accuracy: 0.8{ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987} FSD

·         Load Cell Based Weighing System

IP65 Control Panel with Siemens Accessories


·      Model: Astra/141-

·      Material: Bag Stitching

·      Conveyor Length: 4000mm

·      Type: Belt Conveyor/Slat Chain with Strips conveyor

·      Drive motor: 1 HP Motor with Gear Box, Worm type (40 ratio)

·      Control panel with siemens accessories

·      Conveyor Dimensions: L: 4000mm, W: 500mm,

H: Adjustable By Screw (450mm – 600mm)

·      Portable Stitching Stand

·      Construction: MS with Powder Coating

Portable Stitching Stand

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