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FFS Packing Machine

Form Fill Seal machines are machines that form the package, fill it with a wet or dry product, and seal it shut. Many FFS packing machines use flexible film to make the primary package, such as a bag or pouch. Aseptic and Gable-top cartons are often made using the form-fill-seal method. A similar relative, the Thermoform/fill/seal unit, creates even more blister packs.

The form-fill and seal packaging makers (FFS) achieve high power, reliability, and continuous operational efficiency. The FFS packing machine offers the packed products, whether it is a logistics company himself or a plastic manufacturer, both visually attractive and lasting security. High-end output rates can also be handled and a minimal footprint makes the floor space more efficient to use.

Supper Power Pack Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of FFS packing machines in India has a great deal of experience and knowledge of precision-engineered FFS packing machines (Form Filling Sealing). The method ensures that the packaging media can be inserted into the press via a model film folding device.

Fold free pouch creation. This is guaranteed. In addition, individual measuring cup sets can be used for each weight range if necessary. Often these machines have intermediate drilling for consecutive pouches as well as the ability to trim strips using digital auto-cut feature following a pre-set number of pouches.

FFS Packing Machine


  • High credibility
  • Outstanding filling specifics
  • High capacity
  • Fast film alteration
  • Very long lifetime
  • Durable designing
  • Low maintenance


Supper Power Pack Systems for FFS Packing Machine

The Supper Power Pack Systems is one of India’s leading FFS pouch packing machine manufacturers, providing you with an FFS pouch packing machine that expertly coats your products in a protective coating, sealing them in and protecting them from damage. They can be customized to your preferences and work with a variety of materials, packaging, and specifications. We’ll collaborate with you to find the right machine for your business and ensure that all of your needs are met.

Supper Power Pack Systems Special features of the FFS pouch packaging machine include an electronic batch coding system, as well as mechanical and pneumatic batch coding systems. We also provide 3 side seals, 4 side seals, s, and center sealing of the pouches, depending on the needs of the customer. In India, we have automatic pouch packing machines, chute type half pneumatic pouch packing machines, spices pouch packing machines, snacks pouch packing machines, liquid pouch packing machines, single head 500ml, liquid pouch packing machine double head 1000ml, and chute type half pneumatic linear weigher pouch packing machines, among other types of FFS pouch packing machines.

Our expertise lies in equipping these FFS pouch packing machines with the ability to fill a wide range of powders, liquids, pastes, and granules in different filling ranges, as well as the ability to seal pouches on three, four, or all sides.

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