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Astra-56-  Dry Fruit Automatic packing Machine

Applicable Range/ Dry Fruit, banana  Chips,  salt Peanut , Popcorn


dry fruit packing machine suppliers

We are going to tell you about the dry food automatic packing machine, in this machine, you can packing 100 grams of 100 grams of 50 grams, 200 grams and 500 grams up to 50 grams, this is a strong packing machine, this Let me tell you the picture of the machine, it is an electronic Weigher machine, in this machine falls into the reach of Martial Weighing Ho, there are four Electrical Linear 4 Head Weighing engaged, weighing different, in this machine we We have noticed that there is a huge problem of break down of the drive, so we have made a Teflon coating in some of the elements so that the item is not broken, this machine will give you 1000 to 2000 packs in 1 hour, this is a tremendous machine, You can run the recipe, you can save it by typing the names of different items, when the item you want to run, it will come automatically in the automatic form.

  1. This machine can be suitable for all kinds of industries like food;medicine;cosmetic;industrial products  sankes
  2. The products packed is,sanckes ,sugar,edible salt,pepper,coffee;washing powder,beans

Drying agents and medicinal Banana chips, potato chips, products…

Astra – 58
Machine speed 8 to 15  mint
Bag Size (Length)30-250 mm  (Width) 100-360 mm
Film Material Composite film/non-woven fabric/paper-plastic film
Net Weight 400KG                       Gross weight :450kg
Bag Type Center Seal
Notch Applicable
Voltage AC420V Three -phase
Total Power 3.5.KW
Measuring range 25gms 100gms
PLC  Schneider
Measuring Mode Linear  4 head weigher Products Name:  Tow  Head Linear Weiher filler

Features Specifications:

This machine is our latest design, It is professionally used to granular, crystallized, e.g. chicken essence, mono sodium amalgamate, coffee,sugar dextrose and anything fluidity materials., It breaks the low-speed, and sinuous-operating of the traditional vibrating machine.

Speed  per Mint  15  Up to 30

Filling Rage- 20gms to 500gms ,

Accuracy – 1.5Gms -+


Color Touch Screen  With Full color touch screen, which makes it very easy and   convenient operation  Schneider –
Machine Material        Mild Steel
Motor        Bonfigliol
    Transducer        marathon
Solid-state relay         unison
Intermediate relay        india
Buttons         Schneider
Penumatice          festo
Sensor        Pepper + Fuchs

Full Features and Functions :  

  1. A)  This machine can be able to weight, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting,lot number automatically.
  2. B)   It has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design(photoelectricity control system).