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Coffee Powder Filling Machine in Manufacturer New Zealand

Coffee Powder Filling Machine in Manufacturer New Zealand
Coffee Powder Filling Machine in Manufacturer New Zealand

It is an automatic coffee powder packing machine in which you can pack 10 grams of 25 grams of 50 grams of 100 grams of coffee powder to 200 grams. This machine is very equipped with a very advanced feature. This machine will give you single single pouch with this machine. 20 can make the fight in this machine, if the automatic machine will close itself, if the photocell sensor will not work, then the machine will stop itself or any other problem in the machine The machine itself will stop and the message will appear in the display that you are encountering this problem and you also get the input and output signals in it, which you can find out which of your signals is working or not This will save you a lot of time and you will get good acuity. This machine is very simple. To run this machine it is necessary to be a little too technical in this machine. You will get the setup of the program which will save every time by typing the names of each product in each program, and when you have to run the program load and turn on it you do not have to repeat the settings of every product whether it is a sealing system or a paper To be traveling, we consider this machine to be a robotic calculation, because in it you will find the machine’s electric diagram along with the machine

Machine speed        12 to 50 per mint
Bag Size      (Length)30-250 mm  (Width) 100-360 mm
Film Material        Composite film/non-woven fabric/paper-plastic film
Net Weight        400KG                       Gross weight :450kg
Bag Type        Center Seal
Notch        Applicable
Voltage        AC420V Three -phase
Total Power        4.KW
Measuring range         5gms 100gms , 50gms to 500gms  
PLC          Schneider  
Measuring Mode         Volumetric Auger filler ,  
HmI Display          Pepper + Fuchs
Machine Material        Mild Steel          Base France
Motor        Preumim         Base India
    Heater        marathon           Base India
Solid-state relay         unison          Base  India
Intermediate relay        india          Base India
Buttons         Schneider           Base France
Penumatice          festo            Base Germany
 Sensor        Pepper + Fuchs             Base Germany

Servo Volumetric Auger filler – powder

The principle of auger filler is to dose the product by auger screw. Auger screw speed & rotation is controlled precisely by servo motor.

Auger filler is used mainly for sticky powders like milk powders, flours, ground spices, coffee powders, pesticides, etc.

Auger filler system includes a hopper containing product to be packed. The product level is maintained using inclined or horizontal screw conveyor. There is an agitator, which churns the material & helps to break lumps. The pitch of auger screw is filled with the material, when it rotates & the same is discharged to the bottom of the bag to be formed.


  • Servo Driven for high efficiency & accuracy. Precise & accurate dosing.
  • Integrated with bagger through network. Works in synchronization with bagger speed.
  • Can work with close loop system, if attached with check weigher as an option.
  • Rugged construction ensuring consistent high dosing accuracy.
  • All contact parts made out from stainless steel 304.
  • Fast & easy cleaning agitator hopper design.


 Auger filling 5gms to 50gms  , 50gms to 500gms

 Output ; 30Up 50 Pouches/ Per Mint

Full Features and Functions :