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best coffee roaster machine for small business

coffee bean roaster machine

45-60 kg / hour(15kg per batch) out put Coffee Roasting Machine


—1.Roasting Drum: 

—the roasting cylinder is bubal walled and specially insulated. Fixed with special warm type ‘ leaves’ for uniform roasting of coffee in the stream of hot air. All levers and fittings are chrome plated. A temperature meter, sampler and sight glass is fitted on roasting drum for close monitoring of roasting process.

—Required power 1 HP+1 HP+ 0.5 HP motor.

—The roasting drum is driven by a chine sprocket mechanism roasting duration of 15-20 minutes per batch.

—2.Burner assembly :

—specially designed L.P.G gas burner with control valve gives uniform heating

Cooling car:

Fabricated in M.S & stainless steel. Fitted with” cooling leaves” which is shaft driven by a gear wheel. A blower is provided to exhaust the hot air and coffee dust and for fast cooling

Cyclone pipe :

The smoke & dust blower is connected by flanges to the cyclone by pipe. The cyclone has a husk discharge door and smoke outlet pipe to chaff collector box.

Production of machinery:

15kg batch one batch time 15-20 min, Coffee moisture must be 10-12% only. Capacity Per hour 45 to 60 kgs.