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cold drink filling machine
India High Speed Carbonated Soft Drinks Bottling Equipment & Filling Line Plant

Rotary Rinser, C.p filler & Capper


No. of Turning block :

  1. Of Rinsing valve

No. of filling heads:

No. of lift cylinders:  (pneumatic type)

No. of Capper:  (Magnetic capping head &flexi type cap holder)

Filling method: By Counter Pressure

Capacity: 40 B.P.M

Air Required: 5 kg/cm2 pressure required compressor 7 H.P

In feed conveyor: 8 feet air conveyer

Out feed conveyor: 16 feet

In feed motor: 1 H.P

Main motor: 3 H.p

Elevator motor : 1/4 H.p

Automatic cap elevator : 1 no.

Inspection table : 1no

Shrink tunnel : 1 no.

Out feed motor: 1 H.p


Electrical control system: DELTA makes (PLC) CONTROL PANEL

: All electrical part is of LT OR equivalent make.



1st section is coming for rinsing of empty bottle, here bottles get

Washed by spray nozzle of rinsing valves with the positive pressure of

Pump. During this the bottle is inverted at 180 degree for draining of

Cleaning agent.

The rinser has NO bottle No wash system which prevents the wastage

Of water and then the bottle is delivered for filling.




2nd section of machine undergoes for filling of bottles.

This filling system is ideal for filling of carbonated beverages like soft

Drinks, beer, sparkling water, fruit pulp content drinks. The carbonated

Filling technology is highly engineered & sophisticated system. The

Simple reason is CO2 involvement in product & also the nature, taste of

The product. The filling valves work on the principle of counter pressure

System. The carbonized product is supplied to the filling tanks from

Carbonator section; the level of product is controlled inside the tank. the