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3-in-1 Monoblock Carbonated Drink Filling Machine Fill PET Bottles with Carbonated Beverages Such as Soda Sparkling Water and Energy Drinks

2000Bpm Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Soft Drink Production Line 300ml 500ml 750ml

Fully Automatic CSD Rinsing, Filling, Capping Machine 8-8-4 Rotary Based

(Cold Filling process)—-Filling Pressure will be 2 to 4 deg. Temperature.

8 Head Rising, 8 Head Counter pressure Filling and 4 Head Screw capping machine with cap Feeder, VFD etc.

  • In feed Air Conveyor
  • Exit Conveyor

Theoretical Output :- up to 40 BPM

Online Steam shrink tunnel with steam generator

1.2 mtr long S.S steam tunnel

Steam generator

  • Steam generator mounted on S.S pipes structure and covered with SS sheet
  • 18 KW  heater are used
  • System is design for 2.5 kg  saturated steam production constantly
  • With high pressure cut off & low pressure start system.
  • “No water” heater will not start.
  • Automatic tank level control system with high pressure transfer pump.
  • Steam generator is connected with SS flexible pipes.(Crompton Pump Used)

Steam tunnel having small steam storage facility & with control and drain valve.