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Bottled Cooking Oil Filling and Capping Machine

Filling Range             : -500 ml to 5000ml

No of Filling Heads   : – 6X

Filling Mode                 : – Automatic




Minimal adjustment required to set different capacities from 50ml to 200ml with varying containers contours. The entire range can be set on the same machine. Multiple Strokes can be set by the keypad for higher volume.


Operation of the machine

machine shall have its own header tank with level controls, which can be connected with main tank of the user or product can be pumped from the storage tanks. The volume to be filled is measured by the flow meter.


All settings can be done on the HMI (Human Machine Interface) keypad which is provided on the control panel.


Speed: –

The estimated filling speeds are: –50ml @30 to 35 fills per minute

                                                       200ml@     250 fills per minutes


The above filling speeds are applicable for nozzles of 19mmf and container mouths of minimum 28mmf. Speed shall stand reduced for smaller mouth containers, product viscosity & foaming characteristics and temperature of product the time of filling.

The container should have 10% of empty volume space after filling the desired volume to get the estimated speed.