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mineral water pet bottle filling line

Supper PowerPack systems water filling line eliminates all bacteria and improves the taste of the water. The unit is made from food-grade materials and is designed to last for years. The water filling line is made with a large tank and a pump that fills the tank at a steady rate. There is a pressure gauge on the front of the unit that will indicate when the tank is full. The unit also includes a faucet to dispense the water and a valve to shut off the water supply.


automatic water bottle filling machine project

Fully Automatic Mineral Water Rinsing, Filling, Capping Machine 6-6-3 For Pet Bottle 6 Head Rinsing, 6 Head Filling, 3 Head Capping section with VFD and Cap vibrator.

  • S.S In feed Air Conveyor
  • S.S Exit Conveyor

Theoretical Output :- up to 1800 Bottle/Hr