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Seed this machine, automatic pouch packing machine in this machine
50 gms from 10 grams
And 100 grams, 200 grams,
And 500 grams from 200 grams,
And from 500 grams to 1000 grams,
Packing can be done in the automatic packing machine market. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for small packing, which is also the highest. Therefore, the packing machine for which this machine is built will be stopped without any help. Can come in this machine, this machine is a very low price machine, the purpose was to make this machine, nowadays boys everybody wants to do their business, Maggi If we can not apply Sheen then we have brought this machine to the budget, what can I do in this machine, I tell you, corn beech American beech European beech Breadnut candlenut Chestnut Sweet chestnut Hazelnut American hazel Beaked hazel European hazel Filbert Asian Hazel Johnstone River almond Coconut Potatoes Pumpkin Pump Baked Karuka Planted Carbon Wild Red Red Bopple nut Yellow Walnut
Almond Australian Cashew nut Beet Nut Borneo tallow nut Breadfruit Cashew Chilean hazel Coconut Durian Gabon nut Hickory Mockernut hickory Pecan
There are two hooks in this machine that the goods are dropped into a weft pouch, a luxurious machine, can run smoothly without any interruption, this machine can run for 24 hours, there will be any breakdown in it There is no chance