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Automatic Honey Liquid Sachet Filling Packaging Machine Shaped Bag Stick Sauce Packing Machine

Supply & Erection of Astra Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Machine to pack / fill free flow liquids like Milk, Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Ghee, Edible oil, Honey, Ginger garlic paste, Sauce, pickles, Juices, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile Industrial oil, Syrups, Shampoo, Laminated poly pouches.



Liquid Filling Packing machine




Model                                      Astra-47


System                                   : Mechanically operated Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Machine


Product                                    : Liquid


Film size                                  : 220mm to 230mm,


Film Thickness                        : 60 and above microns,


Film material                          : Laminated,


Sealer heating system             : Continuous,


Filling Capacity                       : 50ml – 200ml,


Fill Accuracy                           :  +2ML,


Fill Speed                               : 25 Pouches per minute


Seal Type                              : Four Side Seal.


Pouch length                          : According to print mark,


System of Operation               : T.C control,


Reduction Gear Box                    : Standard 30:1 Reduction Ratio (Greaves make),


Peak Power                               : 3Kw / 1Ø / 230 V AC, 50 HZ + 5%,


Power Consumption                  : 1.2 KW/Hr.


System Weight                          : 350 Kg’s,


System Dimension                   : W x D x H (Approx.) 850mm x 1300mm x 1300mm,


Material of Construction                : All parts coming in to contact with the product ASI 304

Stainless steel and other are mild steel duly painted