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Automatic Glass Bottle Foil Heat Sealing Machine Sealing of Jar with Foil

Machine Automatic Glass Bottle Foil Sealing machine
Model ASTRA-41-

Automatic Glass Bottle Foil Heat Sealing Machine Sealing of Jar with Foil

Product Glass Jar
Function Sealing of Jar with Foil.
Machine Operation
1.         Jar will be placed manually on the conveyor or can be connected to the filling Machine conveyor.


3.         An indexing turret will pick up one Jar in to its pocket and brings it to the Foil Sealing station.


5.         The Foil Sealing station holds the foil Sealing assembly (consisting of the Gripper plate for gripping the foil before being punched, Punch with hot plate, and punch holding plate

6.         .

7.         The foil roll is mounted on an unwinding assembly consisting of the unwinding motor which operates with the help of sensors mounted besides the roller assembly. The unwinding assembly helps in giving the proper tension in the foil as well as prevents the foil from breaking while being drawn after the punching operation.

8.         During the Foil Sealing operation, the foil will be gripped tightly within the gripper plates in the foil cutting assembly. The punch will come down and cut the foil and seals on the neck of the Jar.

9.         The foil will be drawn after the sealing operation and complete retraction of the punch from the gripper. The foil will be drawn with the help of draw rollers.

10.     After sealing the foil sealed Jar will be released to the output conveyer of the Machine.