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Automatic Foil Sealing machine Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine Automatic

Technical Specification
Foil Cutting and Sealing unit Mechanically operated
Main Motor 1 H.P (0.75 KW) Hindustan Motors
Winding & Unwinding Motor 0.25 HP X 2 Nos Hindustan Motors
Heaters 250 W X 4=1000 W (the no of heaters will depend on

the Jar size and the sealing material)

Heater type Pencil Heaters
Temperature adjustment Through Temperature Controller
Foil shape As per Jar
Temperature of Punch According to type and thickness of foil/paper
Punch Holding Plate Silicon Rubber Molding
Gripper/ Stiffer Plate Silicon Rubber Molding
Conveyor Chain SS Slat Chain
Conveyor Drive From Main Shaft
Foil details Aluminium Foil Poly/ Paper Foil Poly

Kindly Note: Foil Specifications will depend on the dimensions of the neck and the material composition of the Jar. Also the product inside the Jar play important role in deciding the specification of the foil. The

Foil Specifications has to be decided by the buyer. .

Guards Guards SS 202
Change Over Parts set Punch Holding Plate, Gripper Plate, Punch, SS Guide for foil, Turret

outer guide, outer guide mounting stud if required (as

per Jar height), Adapter for turret if required (as per Jar height).

Safety At input if Jar sensed by sensor machine starts if sensor off machine will stop automatically.

At output there is another sensor, when this sensor sense Jar machine stops this will avoid jamming of Jar at turret.

No foil Machine off

Speed Up to 40 Jar per min