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Astra-54-  FROM FILL SEAL With volumetric Cup filler

Product -Tea,Sugar,Rice,Namkeen,kurkure

FROM FILL SEAL With Volumetric Cup filler

Automatic FFS Machine, this machine can do this machine with tea China Salted Crunchy Seeds, Spices, Penaut S and Groundnut are a small form of machine which nowadays small small Pouch Big sal in the market, and a modern machine in this machine Mechanical part lot Less is impaired, so the machine becomes fine Escy easy Operating DisplayAll Opration

Astra- series of machinery are prepared especially to suit the budget of budding entrepreneur in small scale and mid-scale industries ,

ASTRA_- are economy models having many features that all high-tech and expensive machinery has , MICRO PROSH logic controller ) makes it smart and intelligent with electronic brain ,

Its performance is outstanding it is user friendly , seals pouches wrinkles free with intact sealing ,

Its is robust and operates making low noise level,

It consumes less power and optimum in efficiency , reducing packaging costs your products,


Cup Filler -450mm,

Filling Rage- 10gms to 50gms

Output ; 15 Up 40 Pouches/ Per Mint

Depend on product flow ability and bulk density )

üTemperature adjustment through PID CONTROLLERS -, .

PLC Controlled Micro Process ,

Roll holding ; 15 kg

Reel core diameter ; 70 to 76

; Electricity Required ; 420v , 3ph , 50hz

Machine weight ; 250 Kg Ap.

Type of seal ; center seal

ü Built in Print Mark registration Device, PEPPERL+FUCHS,-GERMANY

Penumatices – SMC & Festo , And India ) BASED Sealing.ü AIR REQUIREMENT 300 LIT/MIN. AT THE PRESSURE OF