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Product Details: Besain ,Maida aata Packing Machine 

We have brought Astra-87 Vertical Form fill Seal Machine with Servo Auger Filler Machine , it is a machine high speed packing machine in which you can pack powder Powder It is not what product vendor beans floor bamboo flour flour masala cement weavers Powder ETC can do one High speed packing machine is in 1 minute and at 50 minutes but in this machine, 500 grams of 500 grams of 500 grams of 100 grams in this machine can be packed in 22 kilograms. You will get the stove. This machine will have to attach a screw conveyor right now with machine fitting. This machine is not in this machine, and you can run it comfortably and if any problem comes then we will also support you through the video call thru can do

Power Source Electric
Brand- Astra-87 Supper Power Pack
Power Consumption 4 kw
Machine Type Automatic
Color whiat
Air Consumption (Kg /Sq CM) 6 to 8 bar
Condition New
Machine Speed (Bag Per Minute) 50 to 90
Machine Weight (Kilogram) 450kg
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage (Volt) 240 V
Filling Range 10gms 1000gms
Filling Speed 30 to 90 pouch per mint
Orientation Vertical
Packaging Type Bags
Warranty 12 month
Phase 1
Sealing Type Center Sealing
Motor (hp) 2
Power Supply (V) 3phase
Temperature Controller PID
Accuracy ({ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987}) 1+-
Frequency (Hz) 50,60hz
Driven Type belt Drow
Material Grade 316
Temperature (Degree Celsius) 400de
Compressed Air Required (bar) 6 to 8 bar
Weight (kg) 500kg
Electrical Power Required (kW) 3kw
Roll Width (mm) 420mm
Machine Power (hp) 5ph
Operation Mode Automatic
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Filling Method volumatric Auger Filler,
Control PLC
Is It Customized Customized
Touch Screen Display Mm HMI
Usage/Application All Powder

Automatic Servo auger filler High Speed,