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Product Details:Beans Flour Powder Packing Machine 

Beans Flour  Automatic Packaging Machine With this machine you can pack powder all the way, that powder should not be more than 6 percent Moisture.This machine is made for Africa. We have got a lot of demand for machine machines in Africa. They need a very simple machine. We have made this simple machine, you can run it comfortably, there is no windage in it, If you encounter any problem then the monitor will come in the message that this phone is coming to you. You do not need to call in by putting a phone. The problem is coming. The monitor of the machine will automatically tell you what problem you are having. You can fix it comfortably. We are in India. You are in America. You will get rest after applying this machine. Amazing technology amazing machine It goes on moving and not only is the name of stop but it is our technology.

Reel Diameter 70-76 mm
Output Range 40-60 pack per min
Filling Range 50-150 gsm
Number of Filling Heads 1
Output(Fills/min) 30 to 60 per mint
Automation Grade Automatic
Brand Supper Power Pack
Power Consumption 3kw
Machine Type Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Color whiat
Pressure (Bar) 6 to 8 bar
Accuracy 1+-
Filling Range (Gram) 10 gms to 1000gms
Weight (Kilogram) 450kg
Fill Accuracy ({ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987}) 1.5{ebed32584124f38ed7de69154408945fdade0f2dba430a545b7cffdf24cff987}
Frequency (Hertz) 60hz
Air Consumption (Kg /Sq CM) 6 to 8 bar
Condition New
Machine Speed (Bag Per Minute) 30 to 60 pouch per mint
Machine Weight (Kilogram) 450kg
Material Mild Steel
Model Number ASTRA-
Packaging Material Plastic, Paper
Voltage (Volt) 420v
Application Powder all,
Phase Single
Power Source Electric
Filling Range (mg) 10gms to 1000gms
Sealing Type Center Sealing
Motor (hp) 5
Power Supply (V) 415
Frequency (Hz) 50
Driven Type belt Drow
Material Grade Mild steel
Temperature (Degree Celsius) 400de
Compressed Air 3hp
Pneumatic Air yes
Pouch Counter yes
Pouch Length 250mm
Fill Range 10 gms to 1000gms
Is It Customized Customized

Auger -Fillers solution for powder filling  

Auger filler are providing accurate and reliable solution for the task of dosing various powders.

By selecting suitable combination of auger filler screw size and the speed of the auger screw rotation.Fast filling speed, and high dosing accuracy can be achieved without any damage to the structures of the powder.,,

Filling and dosing of the product this is one of the most important part of packaging installation.Accuracy and speed of the filling process determine
overall performance of the packaging line. Several options are available to suit specific characteristics of the product, and requirement of the packaging process. ,

Both clutch/brake, or servo motor technology can be used for the control of the auger filler screw rotation, offering rotation accuracy of few degree  

Auger filling – 50, gms to 200gms

Output ; 45 Up 70 Pouchs/ Per Mint,