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12) 300ml to 500ml plastic sachet pouch bag pure mineral water filling sealing packaging production machine in Ghana South Africa Spain Nigeria Kenya

Africa best Automatic production plastic pouch bag drinking pure sachet water filling making packaging machine


Model                                      : Astra-43


System        : Mechanically Operated  Astra Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Machinewith

Gravity Filling System


Product                                   : Mineral Water


Packing System                     : Continuous Injection


Packing Capacity                  : Up to 500ml


Packing Speed             : 3500PPH for 300ml

                                                : 3200 PPH for 500ml


Packing Accuracy                    : 2%


PolytheneSize : Normally 325mm


Sealer Heating System            : Continuous Sealing


System of Operation              : T.C. control


Reduction Gear Box               : Standard 30:1 Reduction Ratio (Greaves make)


System Weight                        : 350Kg’s (Approximately)


System Dimensions                 : W x D x H (Approx.) 650mm x 950mm x 1800mm (Single Head)


Peak Power                              : 1.5 KW / 1Ø / 230 V AC, 50Hz + 5%


Power Consumption                : Below 1.0 KW/Hr.


Material of Construction      : All parts coming in to contact with the product ASI 304

Stainless Steel and other are Mild Steel duly painted.