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90 BPM Water Filling Capping Labeling Machine Manufacturer

      6000 Bottle per Hour Fully Automatic Water Bottling Project


Astra-23 R/F/C-90 BPM Filling Machine

Gross Capacity 90 BPM
Working Capacity 90-120 BPM’s
Contact Parts Ss 304
Non-Contact Parts Ss 304
Motors Hindustan,Rotomotive
Gear Box Elecon,Rotomotive or Equivalent



Special Features :-
v  Mono Block Rotary Machine.
v  Neck Holding.
v  No Bottle No Rinsing No Filling and No Capping.
v  Non-contact Sensors for Bottle Count.
v  Separate Cap Hopper Having Capacity 2000 Caps.
v  Material of Construction SS-304.
v  Special Mechanism of Clutch Systems.
v  Rotary on Cam and Spring Base mechanism.




90-BPM Stands for 90 Bottle per minutes (5400 Bottle per Hour)


  1. Rinsing Head -15 Nos
  2. Filling Head -15Nos
  3. Capping Head-6 No
  4. Bottle Size Range-200 ml to 2000 ml
  5. Infeed Air conveyor (Meter/Feet) -2.5 Meter /8 Feet
  6. Out feed SS Slat conveyor (Meter/Feet) -7 Meter /20 Feet
  7. Machine Type-Mechanical

     Automatic  Rinsing and   Automatic  Filling,  Capping M/c. Inspectionand.1-.15-6   90 To 100 BPM) For Mineral Water




The empty bottles are loaded manually onto the infeed air conveyor where air at high pressure from a blower is used for conveying bottles supported at the neck up to the in feed bottle transfer rotor. The air conveyor permits different bottle sizes to run without making any adjustments. Hence there is no wastage of time in conveyor adjustment on the in-feed side. RINSE ROTAR


Mini Water Bottling Project In India
Mini Water Bottling Project In India