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carton folding and gluing machine

carton folding and gluing machine

Carton Gluing Machine   (Mono cartons

Purpose of the Machine  – Gluing of carton with hot melt unit and closing of

The product is put inside the carton.

The carton is open on top face & one end


The two flaps on the top face of the carton are

closed manually and the same carton is fed to

the conveyor.

Then machine sense the carton and glue is

dispensed by 2- gun on the folded flaps. The

top flap is closed & fourth flap glued with the

help of carton folder.

At the delivery end the carton is taken away

to facilitate the removal of carton.

Machine Structure Machine is made from square pipe.
Strong & sturdy structure.
Carton Conveyor It carries the carton from feeding end to delivery
It supports the carton from back side.
Carton Folder Unit It includes the side support unit
Strong & sturdy carton flap folder
Hot Melt Unit Two-gun system
Control through machine
Contact Parts MOC – SS304 for all contact parts (except
Aluminium pushers
Non-Contact Parts MOC MS ENP Plated for all non-contact parts.
e.g. Screw & nut assembly, sprockets, gears,
structure supporting parts, Conveyor rollers &
Guards Bottom Guards
Top Polycarbonate Guards (Optional)
  • Power Input – 1kw
  • Drive Motor – 1 HP, III Phase of Siemens/ Bharat Bijlee/ Pronoun Make

    PLC/ HMI               – Delta Make

  • Carton – Length: From 150mm to 270mm
  • Width: From 80mm to 160mm

                                         Height: From 70mm to 140mm

  • M/C suitable for – Gluing carton as per sample
  • Changeover Parts – To pack two sizes
  • Ideal Output – Upto 20 Cartons/min
  • Footprints – 2100mm(L)X 850mm(W)X 1500mm(H)