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10 kg atta packing machine price



 White Fluor Mills, Maize Floor, Beans Floor etc. This machine can pack all the methods powder from this machine,

The steam in the powder should not be more than 6% Mosore

This is automatic packing machine,

The top of this machine is the Auger Filler,

With Auger you can do100gms 200gms A 500 grams to 1000  And 1500gms  grams of 2000 grams of 2500 grams of Packing

This machine has a servo motor

Servo motor works in a robotic system

Calibrating the servo motor from the density of A product, what happens to calibration, if the density of the product is different, then calibration can be done with it.

The measurement of the product that sets the measurement on the display, in it weighs up to 3 grams of Accuracy  2 grams, we have made it according to the special Africa market.

Because because of small business owners living in Africa, they are in dire need of low-cost machines,

With the high price of the machine, they come with a Chinese machine,

And the Chinese machine does not move, they also get money and their business gets damaged. We have seen this low budget machine, this machine is 5 to 10 years old, but the machine’s age is only when posible If you know the cleaning of the machine and Greece, then it is possible.

Auger Filler Machine

  Automatic vertical Packing With Heavy Dossier Volumetric Servo Auger Filler Machine

 Vertical Form Fill Seal machine to pack  Spices Powder

Pack Type:- Center sealed Pillow Pouch

Film Type :- Heat Sealable Multilayer Laminate.

Filling Rage-500gms To 2500 gms  

Accuracy :- +/- 3gm of fill volume                                        

Speed :- 10 to 40 packs per min


  • Pneumatic Type machine with coller.
  • Constant heat seal bars for sealing the horizontal seal and double draw for vertical seal. controlled Induction motor for film draw down by rubberized belts.
  • make PLC with 7” colour touch screen HMI for controls. SCHNEIDER
  • Motors for film unwinding and trolley movement.
  • PID controllers for temperature control.
  • MS sq pipe structure with ceramic painting, with all contact parts in SS 304.
  • With one set of forming size parts.