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Automatic Powder Flour Granules Flour Grain Flour Mouth Bag Bagging Filling Packaging Packing Machine Made in India

5kg 10kg 20 Kg 25kg 50kg Big Woven Bag Bagger Bagging Sewing System Powder Granular Weighing And Filling Packing Machine


·         Model: ASTRA-182

·         Application: Bag Filling machine

·         Material: Gum Arabic

·         Type: Belt Bagging & Weighing System (Material Contact Part Food Grade Belt, SS304)

·         Weighing Capacity: 10kg, 20kg,25kg,&


·         Speed: 3 Bags/Minute(180 Bags/Hour)

·         Accuracy: 0.5% FSD

·         Load Cell Based Weighing System

·         IP65 Control Panel with Siemen’s Accessories


·      Model: TCP/SC14FT

·      Material: Bag Stitching

·      Conveyor Length: 4000mm

·      Type: Belt Conveyor/Slat Chain with Strips conveyor

·      Drive motor: 1 HP Motor with Gear Box, Worm type (40 ratio)

·      Control panel with siemens accessories

·      Conveyor Dimensions: L: 4000mm, W: 500mm,

H: Adjustable By Screw (450mm – 600mm)

·      Portable Stitching Stand

·      Construction: MS with Powder Coating

·      Portable Stitching Stand