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packaging machine automatic sachet pouch

Astra-56 Volumetric Cup Filler –

Products Dal, Tia, Sugar, Granules, Crunchy Popcorn,

Astra-56 Volumetric Servo Auger Filler –


Astra-56 Linear Weigher Filler-

Potato Chips Crunchy, Namkeen, Dry Fruit, Granules, Semolina, Wheat, Rice,Automatic pouch packing machine, spice packing, salted packing, dry food, tea, sugar, lentils, for packing all these products, you need a good quality automatic packing machine. can not do,

Our machine is manufactured with modern technology, high quality electric parts are used in machine manufacture.

The design of the machine mechanism is simple and simple, it can comfortably fix technical faults in the machine, if there is a simple technical fault in the machine, the monitor screen of the machine will also show the cause of technical faults in the touch display, the machine How can we find out whether the sensor is working or not, in the machine’s monitor screen touch display, you can see the input and output status, you can fix the problem as soon as you know the cause of the problem, in our smallest machine This technology is made, which makes it easy to operate the machine, you can run the machine 24 hours comfortably, in electric wiring, the wiring address monitor screen is in the touch display, the sealing of the pouch is to be done more than it is on your monitor screen. You can chat in touch display, set the length of the pouch, should the access be fought or a single single pouch, this setting can set the machine’s monitor display,


Today’s small businessman is ready to become a global leader in the coming days, a good quality automatic packing machine should be installed,


Know the benefits of installing a machine,

  1. A) The cost of packing the product in our packing machine is low.
  2. B) Reduced electricity costs
  3. C) Less manpower needed for packing
  4. D) Will pack more goods in less time
  5. E) Pouch spoilage is minimal,
  6. F) Strong sealing of pouches,
  7. G) Mechanical maintenance 0.01.00
  8. H) Monitoring system for machine operating
  9. I) The practice of the machine is both simplified and modern,