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Automatic Ice Pop Popsicle Lolly Filling Machine Sachet Bags Ice Candy Packing Machine

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Application: For viscous liquids such as liquors, edible oil,ghee,

honey, automobile industrial oil, paints, pharmaceuticals, syrups,

varnish, Ice Candy (Mike stick) / pepsi ,shampoos, resins etc.

Production Speed : 50 Sachets/min

Packing Range : 5ml to 200ml.

Power Requirements : Single Phase, 230 V, 50Hz

Machine Dimensions : 1300 (H) / 850 (W) ? 1220 (Depth)

Model  : ASTRA -100,


Technical Specifications
1 Feeding Head Piston Filling
2 Speed 50-52 Pouch/min
3 Packing Range 5ml-250ml
4 Film Width Up to 225mm
5 Film Thickness 45-75 microns
6 Film Material Laminated Film
7 Pouch Style 3 Side/4 Side Sealing
8 Pouch Width Up to 100mm
9 Pouch Length Up to 150mm
10 Power Consumption 0.5KW Per Hour
11 Peak Power 1KW
12 Power Requirement Single Phase.220V, 50Hz
13 Pouch Counter Provided
14 Machine Dimensions 1250 Height X 840 Width X 800 Depth
15 Net Weight 300Kg (approx)


Material of Construction                : All parts coming in to contact with the product ASI 304

Stainless steel and other are mild steel duly painted