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Packing Machine For Seeds, Benas,Garlic powder, Piau Masala, You can pack from the same machine from 10grams 15gms to 25gms ,To  50gms  100gms  from the same machine

 Note– The Volumetric Cup Filling machine, the accuracy of powder filling does not come true, we do not offer Cup Filling for powder to any customer, we only adjust the volumetric Volumetric Auger machine in powder,

But due to the low budget of the customer, we have to make this cup filling machine, the Accuracy  in the cup filling machine is very bad, the pouch in the machine is also very bad, your time will be very bad, Explains the customer a lot, that the special machine for the powder is Auger Filler, you plant the same, because the customer has low budget, we have to compact the machine in compulsion,

Improves, but also. Some features include a modular system that can be used with an integrated system or is associated with your current system, a high quality Volumetric Cup Filling, lowest product interruption, high accuracy, and many more.

You can pack pouch. This machine has a programming logic control system, it is very easy to run the machine, it is very easy to understand the machine, it is very easy to control the machine, this program logic controller The system that is also connected to the Internet, you have any problems related to programming, you have installed an Internet connection in it, Direct is connected to our control room. That will be the maintenance of the machine, how much the machine has been working, all the data of the machine will be found in our system, so that you will get the next date of Next Maintence, it will come to your screen, the parts we take in this machine It is a job on CNC machine, such a technology in such a small machine, you will not find anywhere else, we have created this machine for small industrialists, then small and small The AD he can rest the machine, much of the machine is no Cost, you want to make a small business, it can mini packing machine by starting a business;

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