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 Rice packaging equipment

We have built super power pack system and manufacturer and exporter place in Jaipur India. We have created a new machine. Rice Filling Equipment  A Comment This machine is a filling machine. From this machine, from 10 grams to 50 grams of 100 grams, 200 grams of 500 grams and up to 1000 grams this can be done by 1 Semi is automatic filling machine in front of this  Sealing machine you can manually run the filling machine and you have to put a continent bend Sealer machine which works from machine to pen you now The pouches are kept in it and you will be frying it and sealing with the sealing machine

Products Name: Four Head Linear Weighing Machine (Pneumatic

Features Specifications:

This machine is our latest design, It is professionally used to granular, crystallized,Rice,Sugar,Tea,Pulses Etc  and anything fluidity materials., It breaks the low-speed, and sinuous-operating of the traditional vibrating

Mach Speed  per Mint  15  Up to 18

Filling Rage- 50gms to 1000gms ,

Accuracy – 1.5Gms -+

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