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mini  powder packing machine


We have brought, automatic powder packing machine,
This machine is equipped with mini technology,
In this machine we can make 5 grams of 10 grams of 20 grams and 25 grams of 1 gram,
This powder packing machine is on top of it, Servo Auger Filler is supposed to be, we get the Accuracy from Auger, only Servo Auger Filler runs in powder line, this machine is equipped with mini technology, and its studio is also mini Its hopper is just mini, its display panel is also mini, the size of this machine is also mini, can speak the world’s smallest machine, automatic packing machine, the world’s smallest machine he, take it once, make your own home You can also apply, you will not take much space, this machine can send it to the market by packing small pouch, you can earn a lot of money, you will get a good business, this will increase even further. Can,

AUTOMATIC FFS FROM FILL SEAL MACHINE : Astra-mini-56,  BAGGER TYPE   WITH Volumetric Auger Filler  ,

Its performance is outstanding it is user friendly , seals pouches wrinkles free with intact sealing ,

Its is robust and operates making low noise level,

It consumes less power and optimum in efficiency ,  reducing packaging costs  your products,


Servo Motor ,LXM26 ,  SCHNEIDER Make  –Auger Fillers solution for powder filling

Auger filler are providing accurate and reliable
solution for the task of dosing various powders.

By selecting suitable combination of auger filler screw
size and the speed of the auger screw rotation.
Fast filling speed, and high dosing accuracy
can be achieved without any damage to the
structures of the powder.,,

Filling and dosing of the product this is one of the
most important part of packaging installation.
Accuracy and speed of the filling process determine
overall performance of the packaging line.
Several options are available to suit specific
characteristics of the product, and requirement
of the packaging process. ,

Both clutch/brake, or servo motor technology can be
used for the control of the auger filler screw rotation,

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